Pakistan sweating it out – violates ceasefire in Jammu

Just a day after the surgical strikes by India, there were reports of an exchange of fire along the LoC at two places.

The Salal & Baba Khor areas witnessed this gunfire & the civilians were forced to flee the areas.Media reports revealed that the Indian troops retaliated with equal measure forcing the Pakistani rangers to retreat.

“I fail to understand whether the Pakistanis have any sense or not, as it is evident that they are violating the ceasefire agreement.  They are already on the international radar as being on nation to export terror globally.  What actually may be happening along the LoC neither you or me can determine. The way I look at it is when a ceasefire is violated by the Pakistanis, they just want to cause a deterrent to facilitate infiltration by their terror elements into the Indian side.     What needs to be seen is what action the Modi Government is taking in the wake of this continuing violations across the LoC. This is totally my point of view so I request you not to consider this as an actual event. I am just voicing out my theory.”




  1. Unfortunately, they should be just taught a very strict lesson! Policies & reforms need to be amended in order to achieve a full target assault.

    • Thank you Mr. Das. A lot of people need to learn & trod onto the right path, it’s just a matter of time. Please do stay tuned in..

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