What we’ve been all waiting for this year – Mirza Juuliet – Official Trailer | Releasing On 7th April 2017

Releasing 14-4-17

The world shall be inspired….

The world is full of fascination and obsessions. Different people have different desires and goals in life. For some its power, for some its money, for some its SOMEONE and for some its plain crazy love.  The real question is that to what level can one rise or fall for his/her dream or aspirations. Mirza Juuliet is the story of such strong emotions like love, hatred, lust, trust, friendship, deceit, manipulation and above all a mixed confusion of all these emotions.

I would like to wish my friend Mr. Rajesh Ram Singh (Director), Pia Bajpai, Darshan, Falansha Media & Shemaroo Entertainment all the very best for this feature film.  I am surely looking forward to this release. 

Stay tuned for my review on this feature film.




  1. Wow! This movie looks so fantastic. I will surely go for it once it releases. Just for Pia though.

  2. Mirza Juliet seems to be a love story carved from rags to riches. I like the guy who seems to be playing the hopeless romantic. The actress also seems ok. Looks like there is a lot of abusive language in this movie.

  3. I really can’t imagine how well Pia Bajpai is delivering her dialogues. She’s just beautifully rocking it.

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