Review: Mirza Juuliet- A love story with a bit-of-all flavours of raunch, comedy & drama.

Cast: Darshan Kumar, Pia Bajpai, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Chandan Roy Sanyal
Direction: Rajesh Ram Singh
Dialogue & Screenplay: Shanti Bhushan
Produced by: Green Apple Media in association with Falansha Media Private Limited

Rating: ★★★

Mirza Juuliet set in the heart of Uttar Pradesh is a titillating love story between Juuliet aka Julie (Pia Bajpai) hailing from a powerful notorious family of politically motivated thugs who are a power-hungry limitless bunch & Mirza (Darshan Kumar) who hails from a slayed Muslim family, murder of whom was avenged by him, is looking for new beginnings. Julie, who is outspoken & rebellious is allied under pressure by Dharampal (Priyanshu Chatterjee) the commander of the three brothers, to the forever horny buffoon Rajan Pandey (Chandan Roy Sanyal), son of another powerful political family. Brushing very lightly on the topic of Hindu-Muslim alliances, Director Rajesh Ram Singh has conveyed very elegantly throughout the film that if need be, love will violently resolute the amalgamation of two lovers.

The film basically revolves around Julie who is trying very hard to brush off the comically motivated sexual advances of Rajan Pandey who trys persistently to ejaculate his fantasies in any manner. Rajan Pandey is a character who made the special audience really shreik with laughter with his profound obsession with sex and his cheesy antics to pursue his obsession with Julie. Mirza on the other hand is trying to rehabilitate himself and lead a peaceful life, meets Julie, who coincidentally was his childhood pal and without further revelation, one thing lead to to another. Julie being poked into the sleazy conversations by Rajan, suddenly overcame with the inquisite desire to discover her inner sexual feelings which is where the ’emotion ka confusion’ arises and becomes the turning point of the film. The plot thickens after the interval where an unexpected twist in the plot lead the runaway lovers to their destiny.

The film has been shot fully in Uttar Pradesh and has beautiful locations in certain parts, which adds to the wonderful cinematography. Pia Bajpai has absolutely won over the hearts of the audience with her very witty, scintillating and absolute performance. Her dialogues demanded the use of abusive language which she delivered naturally and it flowed with total conviction. She’s absorbed every emotion as demanded by the script and just unfurled it on screen which has devoured the eyes of the audience. Darshan Kumar, known for his commendable performance in Mary Kom also didn’t let the viewers down. He perfectly fit the role of Mirza, a boy who has the determination to fight against all odds. The music & songs in this movie is absolutely toe-tapping, with the song picturisation totally mesmerizing. Mirza Juuliet is a point-blunt film, where the protagonists are not in any way hesitant to discuss sex.

Overall, Mirza Juuliet is an out & out entertainer. The pace in the film has been consistent and never even at a pinch of a moment was it far-stretched or slow keeping the viewers engaged. Mirza Juuliet is a film surely not to be missed at a cinema near you.


  1. Watched this movie. It was very good. Darshan Kumar just is too cute. Muaah Darshan

  2. Well written review and I have to say that I’m going to catch this film today. I’m going by what you say here.

  3. It seems like the same routine in a love story. Boy girl fall in love and then fight the families. But it seems there is a twist in this tale. Good review bro.

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